Mano a Mano recently donated medical supplies and equipment to Instituto Gastroenterólogico Boliviano Japonés de Cochabamba. We have been distributing supplies to people and organizations in need throughout Bolivia; these supplies are always in high demand, but are even more needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mano a Mano shipped 4 containers with 90,000+ pounds of supplies in June that are currently making their way to our Cochabamba warehouse, and we will be shipping 2 more containers from Minnesota in a few weeks (we need volunteers this week and next to help us get ready for that shipment – click here for more information).

Donating medical supplies to Instituto Gastroenterólogico Boliviano Japonés de Cochabamba, September 2020

Medical Supply Distributions in Bolivia & Minnesota: March-August 2020

We have made many flights in recent months to distribute supplies throughout Bolivia.