Mano a Mano Remembers Roy Garza

Roy Garza, a member of the Mano a Mano board of directors from 1996 – 2001, died as the result of a motorcycle accident last week.  Throughout his career as a social worker, Roy worked tirelessly on behalf of communities of color to diminish the impact of discrimination and to expand opportunities.  He often volunteered […]

Festival Bolivia 2012 Results

Last Friday night Mano a Mano hosted its 3rd annual fundraiser at the St. Paul Hotel, and it was a great success! We raised more than $25,000 to support our aviation program! This is enough to make 50 emergency flights (such as this emergency flight for 3 patients in San Borja last year) and transport […]

Interview with Mano a Mano Pilot Ivo Martinez

Ivo Martinez recently talked about the importance of our aviation program in Bolivia:

3M Provides Grant to Mano a Mano on Behalf of 3M Volunteers

The 3M Foundation has donated $500 to Mano a Mano in recognition of Mark Petzoldt and Ruben Velasquez’ commitment to the community. Mark donated more than 100 hours to Mano a Mano last year, and has volunteered with Mano a Mano for our entire time in existence (he has won our Volunteer of the Year […]

Our First International Flight

With the recent addition of two twin-engine planes, there are many exciting new opportunities for our aviation program. One of the major improvements is that the twin-engine planes can fly much further and faster, enabling us to fly to other countries in South America. Flight to Santiago, Chile We are happy to report that our […]

Pictures from First Flight in Navajo

We mentioned earlier this week that our twin-engine plane is now flying!  Having a twin-engine plane is of huge importance for our aviation program; the plane has room for 10 passengers, can be flown at night and in bad weather, and is equipped with the de-ice equipment that enables it to fly in lower temperatures. […]

Our Mission

Our Mission Our mission is to create partnerships with impoverished Bolivian communities that improve health and increase economic well-being. Building Effective Infrastructure Projects for the Long-Term Mano a Mano focuses on building community infrastructure projects and providing complementary services that ensure each project is effective. We also focus on long-term sustainability – all of our projects have […]

Live Auction Items for Festival Bolivia 2012

Mano a Mano is hosting its 3rd annual Spring Gala at the St. Paul Hotel on April, 20, 2012 (for tickets or more information click here). It’s only 2 weeks away! If you haven’t registered yet please do so soon; space is limited and ticket sales are well ahead of last year. This year’s focus […]

Our Plane is Now Flying!

Back in January we mentioned that our Navajo twin-engine plane, a donation from the Lored Foundation, had arrived in Bolivia, but there is a big difference between physically landing in Bolivia and being cleared for flying. After months of paperwork, inspections, and waiting, our Navajo twin-engine plane is now flying in Bolivia! The first day this week that […]