2019 Summary of Distributions in Bolivia

In 2019, Mano a Mano shipped 9 40-foot containers filled with 203,747 pounds of donated supplies and equipment from St. Paul to Cochabamba. These supplies are distributed to people & organizations in need throughout Bolivia. 232 organizations in Bolivia received supplies and equipment from Mano a Mano last year. Thank you to the many people in Minnesota and Bolivia that make this program possible!

232 Organizations in Bolivia Received Supplies & Equipment

  • 117 organizations received medical supplies and equipment
  • 95 organizations received mobility aids and equipment
  • 22 schools received school supplies (with a total student population of 1,635)
  • 197 individuals received mobility aids and equipment

Distributing supplies to dozens of organizations at Mano a Mano’s warehouse in Cochabamba – September 2019

A truckload of supplies donated by Mano a Mano during a distribution event in Cochabamba in 2019 where dozens of organizations received tens of thousands of pounds of supplies and equipment.

Distributed 6,229 Mobility Aids

Mano a Mano distributed 6,229 Mobility Aids to our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Bolivia and individuals, which includes the following items:


  • 410 wheelchairs
  • 230 walkers with seats and wheels
  • 1,935 folding walkers
  • 1,903 pairs of crutches
  • 1,751 canes

Volunteers in Bolivia Contributed 6,090 Hours

  • Soldiers, nursing school students, Comteco, Casa Estudiantil, biomedics, foreign volunteers, neighbors, and friends
  • Professionals: physicians, nurses, dentists
  • Juan and Maria Blanca coordinate, transport, respond to emergencies, and manage the program