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Links Around the Web About Mano a Mano

  1. “Brief: Mendota Heights MOMS Club Lends a Hand”
  2. Mano a Mano International  Presentations:
  3. Mano a Mano: Building Bridges of Support Between Bolivia and the U.S.:
  4. “Flawless Rescue Stories”/ “Historias de Rescates Impecables” –
  5. “Going Mano a Mano: Mendota Heights Couple Turns Filling a Need in Bolivia into Their Life’s Work” –
  6. Mendota Heights Patch “Going Mano a Mano, Part 2: Mendota Heights Nonprofit Builds Hope in Bolivia” –
  7. Interactions Family Social Science Newsletter – “David and Karen Olson grasp Mano a Mano mission of hope.”
  8. “Second Annual Spring Festival at the St. Paul Hotel” –
  9. Mendota Heights Associations – Mano a Mano listing –
  10. “What Minneapolis Charities Accept Wheel Chair Donations?” –
  11. Ann Plans Helps Minnesota Celebrate a Special Bolivian Relationship –
  12. Experience a Taste of Bolivia on Oct. 6 –
  13. Volunteer in Bolivia with Mano a Mano –
  14. Into Bolivian: A traveling girl takes a closer look at home –
  15. Mano a Mano Ministry Team –
  16. Sundance Foundation Grant:
  17. Timetoast timelines:
  18. Edweb:
  19. Edweb:
  20. ASL services:
  21. Dupage coffee house:   – “Two Thirteen Building”
  22. Edweb:
  24. Globemed: (mano a mano international was in the top 10 for this award)
  30. don’t retire get inspired: – 12/6/2010 post “Mano a Mano International Prayers” – Really  cool podcast with Joan and Segundo
  31. All – update on Mano a Mano by Joan Velasquez, page 9
  32. – page 3
  34. – page 28
  35. – noted in the giving guide
  36. US Center for Citizen Diplomacy: – Top Program for USCCD
  37. – – AgilePhilanthropy ran the “Live Aid” stage raising funds for Mano a Mano”
  38. USPVO:
  39. Airport-data:
  40. – Christine Ver Ploeg
  42. Caterpillar PDF:
  43. Videos Travel Guide:
  44. Superior Telegram:
  45. Cocha Banner:
  46. St. Paul Rotary Club – Yasni pdf – Page 3:
  47. MSI (Mission Safety International) safety:
  48. “Getting Out of Town” post:
  49. flickr site:
  50. Herald Review:
  51. WPXI News article – in the section “Water is Life”:
  52. University of Minnesota – Connect – Side column page 14:
  53. Hampden Park Co-op:
  55. College of Education and Human Development – many mentions:
  56. UMN Blog:
  57. Izumi Grants:
  58. Bottom of Page:
  59. Terry C & Nancy White:
  60. Click on “Bolivia” pin on map:
  61. Search for “mano” – many mentions:
  62. 2008 Recipient:
  65. MNRpvc:
  66. Midwest NGOs:
  68. page 28:
  69. Richard and Susan Eyre host hosta sale fundraiser to benefit Mano a Mano:
  70. All Faiths Unitarian Congregation December 2012 Newsletter with update on Mano a Mano projects:
  71. William Mitchell course with Mano a Mano gives students legal experience and Mano a Mano helpful legal advice:
  72. Pioneer Press article by Ruben Rosario: For group fighting poverty in Bolivia, second place is worth $100K:
  73. Star Tribune article by Jean Hopfensberger: Humanitarian wins $100,000 and notice for work in Bolivia:
  74. Article in St. Kate SCAN Magazine: A World of Good:
  75. Mano a Mano was a runner-up for the 2012 Opus Prize and was awarded $100,000:
  76. Article in Los Tiempos newspaper on bridge project with Bridges to Prosperity:
  77. Radio interview on WBEZ Radio in Chicago of Mano a Mano suppporters Richard and Susan Eyre and their global activism:
  78. “Our Bolivia Connection.” Green Stories from Frogtown Green:
  79. Article in Los Tiempos newspaper about about the ‘water harvesting’ projects that the municipality of Pasorapa is implementing to combat the extreme droughts of the past few years, including small water reservoirs and ‘micro-irrigation.’ We completed a mini-reservoir in Pasorapa earlier this year that provides irrigation water to 540 Bolivians:
  80. Article in the Minnesota Sun Post about the Crystal, New Hope, Robbinsdale Rotary Club’s support of Mano a Mano’s most recent container shipment:
  81. Article in the Argus Leader about Mano a Mano and our co-founder Joan Velasquez:
  82. Article in Los Tiempos newspaper about Mano a Mano’s distribution of supplies in December 2014:
  83. Article on the Collegeville Institute website about the recent seminar at Mano a Mano – “Reframing Community Development”: