Mano a Mano continues to donate medical supplies and equipment to health care organizations throughout Bolivia on a near-daily basis to help in their efforts with COVID-19. Recent donations have gone to organizations in and around the city of Cochabamba. We currently have 91,556 pounds of medical supplies and equipment en route to Bolivia from Minnesota. Thank you to the many people involved in making these distributions possible!

Donating supplies to Angeles del COVID – a group of volunteer medical professionals working with people with COVID-19 in southern and northern Cochabamba.

Donating supplies for Distrito 14 (Villa Pagador) in the southern part of Cochabamba. We also loaned a gurney (where possible, larger equipment is usually given as a loan).

Medical Supply Distributions in Bolivia & Minnesota: March-August 2020

Donating supplies for firefighters in the EPI Norte neighborhood of Cochabamba, August 2020