Improving Water Collection for the Ucuchi Reservoir

On December 20, residents of Ucuchi (just outside of Cochabamba) worked alongside staff from our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo to improve the collection channels that direct water to the reservoir, in order to increase the volume of water. Mano a Mano’s First Water Reservoir This water reservoir in Ucuchi was the first […]

Creating Jobs for Bolivian Medical Professionals

Did you know Mano a Mano’s clinic program has created jobs for 467 Bolivian medical professionals (165 doctors, 226 nurses, 76 dentists)? Every new clinic project that we complete (144 to date) includes at least 1 nursing position and has included up to 37 positions in our largest project (in Tupiza our hospital has 12 […]

Mano a Mano 2013 in Pictures

As 2013 comes to a close, we wanted to post a few pictures of what Mano a Mano did over the past year. This was a big year for us; we surpassed 5 million patient visits in our network of 144 (and counting!) health clinics, completed our 10,000th distribution of donated medical supplies from the […]

Dedicating a Water Project in Collpana, Bolivia

A few pictures from the dedication of a water project in Collpana (municipality of Pasorapa, department of Cochabamba) earlier this month with our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo! The project provides access to water to 540 Bolivians (90 families). The seed money for this project came from Mano a Mano’s Spring Gala in […]

Community Leaders Visiting the Demonstration and Training Center

Last Monday and Tuesday, 7 leaders from the community of Jironkota visited Mano a Mano’s Demonstration and Training Center (CEA) to get a better idea of the different methods available to improve agriculture for their community. As part of their visit, Mano a Mano staff facilitated a workshop for them to evaluate their own communities and what […]

5 Things That Make Me Most Proud About Working at Mano a Mano

Sometimes it’s good to step back and remind yourself why you do what you do for a living. Here are a few things that I really like about my organization: 5 Things That Make Me Most Proud About Working at Mano a Mano Accomplishing so much with so little. Mano a Mano does a LOT with […]

Community Showing Appreciation for an Upcoming Road Project

Last week, as our staff from our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo was signing an agreement to improve the road connecting the community of Ceivas (in the Municipality of Pasorapa) to Cochabamba, one of the residents quickly put together a song to show his appreciation for Mano a Mano and the project.

Neighborhood Development Center and Brotherhood, Inc. Volunteers

Thank you to the entire staff at Neighborhood Development Center and volunteers from Brotherhood, Inc. for coming out to Mano a Mano yesterday and helping us sort and pack medical supplies, hospital linens, and consolidate all our orthopedic equipment! We had so much fun getting to know all of you and were honored you chose […]

Spanish Classes at Mano a Mano – Starting January 17th

Mano a Mano is once again, owing to popular demand, hosting Spanish Classes on Fridays from 2pm – 4pm.  This will be a ten-week, intermediate 1 level class starting January 17th. We are welcoming back our favorite Spanish instructor, Andrea Davila, from Global Citizens Network, who keeps our students on their toes! Please contact Dana Dallavalle if […]

We are now an Associate Member Nonprofit to the Corporate Volunteerism Council

We are happy to announce that we are now one of 12 associate member nonprofits to the Corporate Volunteerism Council of the Twin Cities. Since we have moved into our new space, one of the huge benefits is that we are now able to work with much larger groups of volunteers, including many large groups […]