Constructing Furniture for Schools and Clinics in Bolivia

Constructing Furniture for Schools and Clinics in Bolivia

At Mano a Mano Bolivia’s warehouse in Cochabamba, staff build supplies and equipment for Mano a Mano schools and clinics.

Through our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Bolivia, Mano a Mano has completed 167 clinics and 62 schools (and counting) throughout Bolivia. We depend on collaborating with partners to make these projects possible: the community and municipality provide volunteer support, a portion of funding, and administration of the project upon completion; seed money is raised through donors primarily in the US but also Canada, Europe, and other locations; and project management and construction is the responsibility of Mano a Mano Bolivia.

Keeping Costs Down

One way we are able to keep costs down, and ensure fully functioning projects, is that all windows, doors, desks, chairs, beds, and other equipment are built by Mano a Mano Bolivia staff at their warehouse in Cochabamba. These desks and chairs were being prepared for a school project in June 2019.

Building a Mano a Mano Clinic From Start to Finish

Chinyata Water Well Project is Complete

Chinyata Water Well Project is Complete

Mano a Mano recently completed our well project in Chinyata, Bolivia. The well is 102 meters deep, with water flowing at 5 liters per second. 600 people now have access to an ample supply of safe water.

Mano a Mano’s well project in Chinyata, Bolivia.

This project was done in partnership with the community and Water Charity. You can learn more about the Chinyata water project on the Water Charity project page.

Chinyata Well Construction Photos

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About Water Charity

Water Charity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that does water and sanitation projects around the world. To date, we have implemented more than 4,300 projects in 77 countries that have helped 4.5 million people so far!

We are partners with the National Peace Corps Association.

We do high-impact, low-cost projects using appropriate technology. We start our projects at once, and finish very quickly, with the lowest overhead costs in the industry.”

Loading 2 Containers with 40,000+ Pounds of Supplies in St. Paul

Loading 2 Containers with 40,000+ Pounds of Supplies in St. Paul

Last week we shared a few pictures of 40,000+ pounds of supplies arriving in Cochabamba; those supplies were from a shipment from St. Paul in December 2018.

Volunteers getting supplies ready to ship at Mano a Mano’s St. Paul warehouse.


Here are a few pictures from our most recent container loading in May 2019, and we are expecting these supplies to arrive at our Cochabamba warehouse a few months from now.

Loading 1 of 2 containers with recovered resources, for distribution in Bolivia.

Each container has over 20,000 pounds of supplies.

We Are Shipping Again Soon

We are also preparing for our next shipment of supplies from Minnesota soon. This is a never-ending process, and we are grateful to everyone that helps save supplies from US landfills that impacts thousands of people in Bolivia!

No wasted space!

Speaker Series: Macey Flood on August 20, 2019

Speaker Series: Macey Flood on August 20, 2019

Join us for our Monthly Speaker Series in August! Our speaker in August is Macey Flood, who will be presenting on “Medicine & Territoriality in the Western Great Lakes, 1870-1900” (she will also touch on Ojibwe medicine in the 20th century). Mano a Mano started our Speaker Series as a way to engage with researchers and practitioners working with indigenous peoples on development and environmental issues. Our goal is to share and learn from each other and to support the indigenous peoples that we serve.

Macey Flood will be speaking at Mano a Mano in August 2019.

Macey Flood is a PhD candidate in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine program at the University of Minnesota. Her dissertation focuses on medicine in the context of U.S. settler colonialism and Ojibwe survivance in the western Great Lakes through the nineteenth century. She also runs a project on Midwestern herbalism.

Event Details

The event is free and takes place at Mano a Mano (925 Pierce Butler Route, St. Paul, MN 55104) on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 from 6:30pm-7:45pm.

Please RSVP with Carmen if you plan on attending – We hope to see you there!

40,000+ Pounds of Recovered Resources Arriving in Cochabamba

40,000+ Pounds of Recovered Resources Arriving in Cochabamba

This week, Mano a Mano staff & volunteers unloaded over 40,000 pounds of recovered resources at our warehouse in Cochabamba, Bolivia. These supplies started their journey in St. Paul, Minnesota in December 2018, with volunteers filling 2 40-foot containers with supplies that had been donated to Mano a Mano’s office/warehouse in the Twin Cities.

Supplies Are Distributed to People in Need Throughout Bolivia

Once these supplies are sorted and organized, they will be distributed to people and organizations in need throughout Bolivia. In 2018, Mano a Mano shipped 166,607 pounds of donated supplies. 

The supplies arriving this week were the final shipment of 2018; there are also 2 containers en route to Bolivia that were sent from Minnesota in May 2019.

Thanks Volunteers!

This process requires many people in Minnesota and Cochabamba that give their time & energy to get these supplies into the hands of people in need. We had 47 volunteers helping unload the containers in Bolivia this week: there were 7 agroecology students from a school in Chapare, 5 volunteers from France, and 25 volunteers from a local firefighting program in Cochabamba, in addition to our staff.

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Thanks to everyone that has helped with this process!