Last week, Mano a Mano donated medical supplies and equipment to the Centro Zoonosis (infections or diseases transmissible between animals and humans) San Simón to help support their free services to control rabies and the dog population living on the streets of Cochabamba, among other veterinary services. Laida explains more about their program in the video below, made when they came to Mano a Mano’s warehouse to pick up supplies:

Video Interview: Veterinary Doctor Laida Gonzáles Rojas – Centro Zoonosis San Simón

“Good afternoon. My name is Laida Gonzáles Rojas and I’m a veterinary doctor. I currently work at the Universidad Mayor de San Simón in a veterinary clinic that offers free services. We call it Centro Zoonosis San Simón and it is dependent on the university’s administration and the goodwill of the university community, which is a public university.

We provide free services, primarily intended to control rabies in the canine population with a focus on controlling the population of dogs living in the street. We provide surgical spay and neutering for cats as well as dogs, all free. We also do vaccinations.

We’re very grateful for Mano a Mano in Cochabamba because it’s the second time they’ve supported us. We’re also grateful to everyone who was involved in the effort to bring these materials to us. These materials are going to be put to very good use. Before, we didn’t have the possibility to do surgeries ourselves because we were dependent on the materials that were given to us. With what is being donated to us now, we can offer these free services and have some independence in the clinic. So we offer many thanks to everyone who was involved in making our work possible with this donation of materials.”

Another Video Made by TVU Oficial in Cochabamba

Laida Gonzáles was also interviewed about this donation by TVU Oficial – Cochabama: “Centro Zoonosis in Universidad Mayor de San Simón Received an Important Donation of Medical Supplies and Equipment from the Organization Mano a Mano” –

Donating Medical Supplies and Equipment on a Near-Daily Basis in Bolivia

We are happy to support organizations like the Centro Zoonosis veterinary clinic; in general almost all of our donations are for healthcare organizations and people in need throughout Bolivia. Below is more information about some of our distributions made over the past 6 months:

Mano a Mano’s warehouse in Cochabamba. Staff and volunteers are always preparing supplies to make more distributions. We currently have 4 containers with over 90,000 pounds of supplies that should be arriving at our warehouse in the next few weeks, and we just shipped 2 more containers with over 50,000 pounds of supplies that will arrive in Bolivia in a few months.