Over the past week, we have been busy loading 2 40-foot containers with well over 50,000 pounds of medical supplies, mobility equipment, office furniture, and many other items at our St. Paul warehouse. We are still tinkering and adding a few more things in any crevice we can find, but the shipment will include the following, give or take a few small changes:

  • 56,000 total pounds in the 2 containers
  • 750 boxes of medical supplies
  • 39 gaylords (large boxes that fit on a pallet) of orthopedic supplies and mobility equipment
  • 100 wheelchairs, 500 walkers, 500 pairs of crutches, and 650 canes

The containers will start their journey from Minnesota to Bolivia later this week, and once they arrive in Cochabamba they will be distributed to people and organizations in need throughout the country. Thank you to the volunteers that helped out; to keep more spacing in the building we have kept the number of volunteers to a minimum, which made the loading very challenging!

If you would like to support the distribution of these supplies to health care organizations in need in Bolivia, you can make a donation here.

Distributing Supplies Throughout Bolivia

To get supplies to more distant regions of Bolivia, we have been transporting supplies by plane, like this flight a few weeks ago for health care workers in Potosi, Sucre, and Tarija.
Earlier this month, Mano a Mano donated medical supplies and equipment for the hospital in Colquiri – a municipality in the department of La Paz. This donation is one of many that we have been making on a near-daily basis in Bolivia. The supplies being shipped from Minnesota this week will be distributed in a the same way.

Mano a Mano’s Work in 2020

Below are a few updates from our programs (Mano a Mano is made up of 5 counterpart organizations focusing on different community development projects) through the first half of this challenging year; as our Co-Founder Segundo Velasquez writes about the personal impact of COVID-19“we stand in awe of their creativity in times of crisis and deeply appreciate their determination to move forward with the work that they know makes such a difference in the lives of so many.”