Check out what we have been doing together over the past month:

Equipping a Dental Clinic in the San Antonio Prison in Cochabamba

Until this summer, neither the 400+ inmates – nor the wives and children who live in Cochabamba’s San Antonio prison with them – had any access to dental care. When Mario (not his real name), a skilled craftsman, saw that so many of his fellow inmates suffered from constant toothaches and emergency abscesses, he acted to correct the situation.

Mario had heard about Mano a Mano from a family member. “Si Dios quiere (if God wants), Mano a Mano will help us and maybe businesses will too,” he told the others. And he was right.  

Now the residents of San Antonio prison have access to fully equipped, sanitary, and professionally staffed dental services.

Hosting our 6th Physical Therapy Workshop for 25 Bolivian Medical Professionals – June 30,2023

Cochabamba – On June 30, 2023, the 6th Physiotherapy Workshop organized by Mano a Mano began. This workshop covers a wide range of topics related to therapy and the lives of people with disabilities. A total of 25 physiotherapists from various locations in Bolivia, including Santa Cruz, Tarija, and Potosí are participating in the workshop.

Dedicating 2 New Health Clinics in the Municipality of Punata on the Same Day (July 28th, 2023)

On Friday, July 28th, 2023 Mano a Mano dedicated a new health clinic in 20 de septiembre, Bolivia!

On the same day, we also dedicated another clinic in nearby Santa Ana.

Wrapping Up Our Second Shipment of Medical Supplies from Minnesota to Bolivia

We are more than halfway done loading 3 containers of donated medical supplies, mobility equipment, and other in-demand items at our St. Paul warehouse for shipment to Bolivia! A huge thank-you to our staff and volunteers that are doing the hard (and hot!) work of loading these containers as full as possible, so that we can send as much as possible to Bolivia, where Mano a Mano distributes them throughout the country.

Mano a Mano is collecting supplies in Minnesota on a daily basis, and we are organizing and distributing supplies in Bolivia on a daily basis; below are a few more posts about our Recovered Resources program over the past month:

Birds Flying at the Laguna Sulti Water Reservoir (late July 2023)

A large number of birds flying at Mano a Mano’s water reservoir in Laguna Sulty, Bolivia. We completed this project initially with the community in 2007, and have expanded/deepened the reservoir multiple times over the 15+ years it has been in operation.

Learn More About the Punata Regional Complex

On Saturday, May 20, 2023 Mano a Mano was present for a celebration marking 15 years of projects in the Laguna Sulty area, and highlighting the progress being made on the Mano a Mano airport in Punata:

Students, Sheep, & Supplies – How Mano a Mano is Developing the Next Generation

In mid-July, first-year agronomy students traveled from Chapare, a tropical region 4 hours from the Center for Ecological Agriculture (CEA), for a week-long series of workshops and practices on the farm. Though they were sad to leave, we are excited to see some of them back as volunteers the following week.

Mano a Mano volunteers Grace and Lasse have been writing about the daily happenings at Mano a Mano Internacional and the CEA, Recovered Resources, and Training programs we provide:

Celebrating 5 Years with a Cessna Caravan and Increased Capacity for our Aviation Program in Bolivia

On July 13, 2018 – 5 years ago – Mano a Mano staff, board members, and volunteers went to Fleming Field in South St. Paul to check out the Cessna Caravan before it started its journey to Bolivia. Since arriving in Bolivia, this plane has increased the capacity of Mano a Mano’s Aviation program to transport more people & more cargo, more efficiently.