This week, Mano a Mano donated medical supplies and equipment to the municipality of Vacas in the department of Cochabamba, Bolivia. The 3 health centers in the area are receiving supplies, with the largest center receiving more supplies because they serve a larger population. This municipality is far from many city services and does not have many resources, making it difficult to provide quality care.

Municipality of Vacas, Cochabamba
Supplies and equipment for Vacas being organized outside of Mano a Mano Internacional’s warehouse in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Picking up supplies at Mano a Mano.
Loading supplies and equipment at Mano a Mano.
A similar donation of medical supplies and equipment from last week (early July, 2023) at Mano a Mano.

220,704 Pounds of Supplies Sent from Minnesota to Bolivia in 2022: Our Recovered Resources Program

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