We are so grateful to the many people that volunteer with Mano a Mano, in many different ways. This includes our St. Paul warehouse volunteers, who help organize the donated medical supplies and equipment we receive on a daily basis in preparation for shipment to Bolivia, where they are distributed to people and organizations in need. (Like this distribution to 3 health centers in the municipality of Vacas in the department of Cochabamba earlier this week.) We are currently preparing for our second shipment of 2023 from Minnesota to Bolivia later this month.

Wednesday warehouse volunteers sorting medical supplies and equipment to ship to Bolivia – July 12, 2023
A donation of medical supplies and equipment sent from Minnesota from last week (early July 2023) at Mano a Mano’s Cochabamba warehouse.

Volunteers Spent 16,687 Hours Volunteering in 2022

In 2022, we sent 9 containers with 220,704 pounds of supplies to Bolivia. 25,910 pounds were given to other organizations with programs in the US and around the world; we also donated 328 vital pieces of physical therapy equipment benefiting 454 individuals in the Twin Cities area through our Mobility Closet. None of this work is possible without the many volunteers, interns, visitors, in-kind donors, and financial donors that support Mano a Mano – thank you! Volunteers spent 16,687 hours volunteering in 2022; 4,433 hours were spent working in our St. Paul warehouse: picking up donations of supplies, sorting and organizing donations, distributing supplies locally, and helping load containers for shipment to Bolivia and elsewhere.

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