During the past 15 years, Mano a Mano has partnered with rural Bolivian communities to build 9 reservoirs for irrigation water, over 500 other water projects in the increasingly drought-stricken Andes, and more than 1,500 miles of gravel roads. Together, these projects serve at least 250,000 people.

What makes it possible for Mano a Mano to take on challenging projects of this size and complexity?  A highly trained and dedicated work force, and the right machines/tooling make a huge difference.

Mano a Mano received funds to purchase a D6M dozer in 2005, just the right machine for our first water reservoir project in Ucuchi.

Mano a Mano’s water reservoir in Ucuchi, Bolivia – the first major water reservoir completed by Mano a Mano in 2005.

Nuevo Mundo machine operators have hauled this dozer to every road and reservoir project undertaken since then. After years of service as their most reliable workhorse, its engine gave out to the point that it would not even start; it was time for a complete overhaul. Pastor, our lead mechanic, and his team sprang into action. The Laguna Sulti project machine operators needed this dozer operational as soon as possible. Once all parts were accessible, the team bored the inside of the cylinder block to new dimensions, installed replacement pistons, rods, rings, and other new components, reassembled the engine, and returned it to the dozer.

Pastor said, “in past years when we overhauled engines, we had to use the techniques and tools that the ancestors used – logs, beams, sticks, anything to pry, support, use as a ramp, whatever would help us slide the engine out of the machine and onto the floor. The work was challenging. Now [because we have the tools and equipment we need] we can put out a better product, more quickly, and feel much safer on the job.”

The dozer is ready to return to Laguna Sulti. Pastor feels proud of his team’s technical work. They want everyone to know how grateful they are that so many people that they have never met make it possible for them to do this work. Dius Pagarapusuchun. Gracias. Thank you.

Other Repair Work on Mano a Mano Equipment

Equipment & Skilled Maintenance Are Important For Our Aviation Program Too

Mano a Mano’s Programs Based in Cochabamba, Bolivia

3 of Mano a Mano’s counterpart organizations have programs based out of this space in El Abra on the outskirts of Cochabamba. Mano a Mano Bolivia also has their main office/warehouse about a mile away, and Mano a Mano Aviation has their hangar space at Jorge Wilstermann, the primary airport of Cochabamba.

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