Staff and heavy equipment from our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo returned to Cochabamba after a long stretch of working on community development projects in the Beni area.


Here’s a note from our Co-Founder Segundo Velasquez on their trip this week:
“I am so touched with the dedication and commitment of our people in Bolivia. All the projects are progressing very well. Three or four operators and one mechanic are driving back the low boy and one of the large trucks with heavy machines on them. We are bringing back the excavator, the motor grater, rollers, and dump truck; these items are coming back from Beni to Cochabamba. Unfortunately, I was told that one of the trucks broke down 1.5 hours away from Cochabamba.
It is my hope that the operators are resting at home after a very long and extended assignment away from the office.”

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