2 containers with 46,829 pounds of supplies were picked up from our St. Paul warehouse today to start their journey to Bolivia! Once they arrive at our Cochabamba warehouse, they will be distributed to people & organizations in need throughout the country. This shipment leaving this week is our second of 2021; we sent 3 containers with over 75,000 pounds of supplies in April.

Step-By-Step: From Loading Supplies at Our St. Paul Warehouse to Distributing Them in Bolivia

It is a long process for supplies to be donated to Mano a Mano at our St. Paul warehouse and eventually be distributed throughout Bolivia; thanks to the many volunteers in both Minnesota and Bolivia that make this work possible!

1: Mano a Mano volunteers sorting donated supplies at our St. Paul warehouse in May 2021.

2: 1 of 2 containers arriving at Mano a Mano’s St. Paul warehouse, June 2021.

3: Mano a Mano staff and volunteers load containers, making sure to not waste any of the valuable space.

3: Almost done loading!

4: Closing up 1 of Mano a Mano’s 2 containers to start its journey to Bolivia, June 22, 2021.

5: A container of medical supplies sent from Minnesota arriving at Mano a Mano’s warehouse in Cochabamba, Bolivia, 2020.

6: Volunteers from GEOS that help to sort medical supplies at our Cochabamba warehouse, late March 2021

7: Staff from the Hospital San Juan de Dios, a 3rd level hospital in Oruro, traveled to our Cochabamba warehouse to pick up supplies in late March. This donation was a collaboration with the Rotary Club Oruro.

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