Mano a Mano was happy to be able to provide this wheelchair for Gustavo Chávez Deheza in Trinidad, Bolivia.

This video was originally posted on the GeoTV Facebook page on May 4, 2021.

English Translation of Video

Noelia Rea Suarez (journalist and volunteer): We are grateful to the nonprofit Mano a Mano for donating this wheelchair to Gustavo who is here with his mother Maira. Our heartfelt thanks for your solidarity and the work you do helping the people most in need. Thanks to Juan Urquidi (Mano a Mano Internacional warehouse manager) for your help throughout this process to get this wheelchair to Trinidad. We thank you, and may god bless you and continue blessing you so that you can continue this work for many others.

Maira Deheza Orihuela: Thank you to Mano a Mano for this beautiful wheelchair. I have been fighting hard and searching for years, since Gustavo was 11 and needed a new wheelchair. I have been working so hard to find something. Gustavo is 14, and for so long he had to use a wheelchair that didn’t help him anymore. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, and I ask Mano a Mano to continue working for people like me and others that need your help. This beautiful wheelchair for me is a blessing because my son is going be be more comfortable, this wheelchair is perfect and works for him. Thank you so much.

What Does Mano a Mano Do?

We collect donated medical supplies and equipment in Minnesota – destined for the landfill – and ship them to Bolivia, where they are distributed to people and organizations throughout the country. In 2020, Mano a Mano sent 175,777 pounds of supplies from Minnesota to Bolivia, and we currently have more than 75,000 pounds of supplies en route, with another shipment planned for next month.

Supplies being loaded into containers in Minnesota (top pictures) for distribution throughout Bolivia from the Mano a Mano Internacional warehouse in Cochabamba (bottom pictures).

Special thanks to our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Internacional for coordinating this donation (all of the supplies sent from Mano a Mano International Partners in Minnesota are sent to Mano a Mano Internacional in Cochabamba, where supplies are organized for distribution). Learn more about Mano a Mano here.