We are sincerely grateful to you and the many people that all work together – Mano a Mano, Hand in Hand – to transform the health and well-being of Bolivian communities in need.

Together, We Have Partnered with Bolivian Communities on Many Projects in 2022

With your dedicated support, we have accomplished the following so far this year:

How You Make a Difference

Mano a Mano’s projects are always a partnership.

Your donation provides the seed money that kickstarts every water, health, education, agriculture, transportation, and training project that communities are asking Mano a Mano to partner with them so that they can improve their lives. (That donation can mean a financial contribution, volunteering, in-kind donation, spreading the word, buying the Mano a Mano book or crafts, etc.) As our staff in Bolivia will say to explain our partnership model and how we work, the first dollar donated from you, our donors, is “photocopied” by Mano a Mano to add additional “dollars” in support from:

  • the Bolivian communities;
  • their Municipal Governments; and
  • Mano a Mano’s staff and volunteers, heavy equipment, and organizational infrastructure in Bolivia.

Without your first dollar there is nothing to copy. But together, we can multiply that impact and complete projects that none of us could do on our own.

We need your help to make these projects possible for the many communities that are waiting to partner with us in 2023 and beyond.

Mano a Mano: Working “Hand in Hand” with Many Partners in Minnesota, Bolivia, and Beyond This Year

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