On June 11, 2022, community members invited Mano a Mano to celebrate the third expansion of their Laguna Sulti water reservoir. This reservoir expansion, carried out with the hard-working team and heavy equipment of Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo, means wider access to water for area families in need. The community plans to make this celebration an annual event. And there is plenty to celebrate, as Mano a Mano has a lot more in store for the area.

Mano a Mano started the “Punata Regional Complex” in 2021– a comprehensive project in the Cochabamba Valley’s Punata region over the next three years that includes a 3rd expansion of the Laguna Sulti agricultural water reservoir (complete, and celebrated on June 11, 2022); a new public school (complete, and dedicated on March 25, 2022); a deep well for potable water (complete, and dedicated in March 2022); a three-mile road; infrastructure needed for moving our aviation program from the Cochabamba airport; and preparation for a rural Center for Ecological Agriculture (CEA). There is a LOT more work to be done, but we are excited for the impact that the Punata Regional Complex can have for the future.

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