Earlier this month, Mano a Mano achieved an important milestone. In the presence of David Quiroga, Presidente de la coordinadora de pueblos indígenas del trópico de cochabamba (President of the Coordinated Indigenous Communities of the Cochabamba tropics), and Damaris Orihuela, Asambleísta de pueblos indígenas Yuracarés (Assembly member of Indigenous Yuracarés Villages), our Recovered Resources program reached 10 school districts located in the most isolated tropical areas of this large region.

Several of its community leaders had traveled to Cochabamba months ago to learn more about the services of Mano a Mano, including the weekend clinics supported by our aviation program and the agricultural workshops held at our Center for Ecological Agriculture (CEA).

Mano a Mano Weekend Health Clinics and Agricultural Workshops

Mano a Mano Weekend health clinic in San Pablo de Moxos – February 9th, 2024
A week-long agriculture seminar at the CEA in October 2022.

Recovered Resources Program

In addition to answering their questions about these programs, our staff shared information about other Mano a Mano services, particularly the distribution of medical and school supplies.

A distribution event at Mano a Mano’s Cochabamba warehouse, 2023.

Responding to Their Most Urgent Current Request: School Supplies for Their Children

After returning to their communities for further discussion, community representatives contacted us again with their most urgent current request: books and school supplies so their children can attend school.

Mano a Mano staff and volunteers worked to prepare boxes of these items so they can be distributed within 10 isolated tropical school districts before classes begin. In total, we provided them with 260 packages of supplies for 251 students, including a few extras for students who might arrive later. Each district also received one box each of supplies for the teachers, including books and craft items.

Mano a Mano staff and volunteers prepare school supplies for distribution at our Cochabamba warehouse.

Mano a Mano School Projects

In addition to responding to school district requests for supplies, Mano a Mano customarily packages and distributes supplies to each student when we dedicate a school or other community project.

Children stand in line during school dedication to receive packets of school supplies.
Dedicating Mano a Mano’s most recent school project (our 68th school built since 2003): Kaspicancha Alta school – April 2023

Distributing 260 Packages of School Supplies for 10 Tropical School Districts – February 7th, 2024

Two spokespeople who received the supplies for the tropics expressed their appreciation and gratitude in front of an unanticipated audience of physical therapy and agronomy students who were taking a break from their internship activities. 

Distributing school supplies, February 7th, 2024

The 10 beneficiary schools whose students received supplies from this distribution were:

  • U.E. Fátima
  • U.E. Carmen de la nueva esperanza
  • Consejo Indígena Yuracaré, puerto san salvador
  • U.E. San antonio de Moleto 
  • U.E. 3 de mayo rio ichoa
  • U.E. Santa rosa del isiboro
  • U.E. Puerto pancho 
  • U.E. San josé de angosta 
  • U.E. San Benito 
  • U.E. Buen Pastor

Collecting School Supplies in Minnesota for Bolivia

Thanks to the many teachers, students, and volunteers who collect these supplies in Minnesota so we can put them into the hands of children whose families wouldn’t be able to afford to buy them.

Mano a Mano’s current wishlist for in-kind donations in Minnesota, for distribution to Bolivia.
Volunteers sorting school supplies at the Mano a Mano warehouse, 2016.

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