Thank you to Michelle MW who recruited friends through her church to provide dental hygiene kits for children during Mano a Mano weekend clinics in the tropics of Bolivia. Thinking that they would at least be able to provide a couple hundred of them, the project was so well-received that it turned into 800 bags of hygiene kits!!! Michelle and Chris delivered these wonderful gifts this week to our St. Paul warehouse, and they will be added to our next shipment to Bolivia. Michelle and her team are eager to continue their support and expand to other donation drives.

Recovering Resources for Distribution Throughout Bolivia

Mano a Mano saves supplies from Minnesota landfills and puts them to good use in Bolivia (and the Twin Cities).

We sent 9 containers with 228,954 pounds of medical supplies, mobility equipment, and other in-demand items from Minnesota to Bolivia in 2023, with 3 containers loaded in December and now on their way to Bolivia. Almost all of these supplies would have ended up in the landfill in Minnesota, and instead they are getting put to good use throughout Bolivia (we also provide supplies to organizations and individuals in the Twin Cities area). We shipped 9 containers with 220,704 pounds in 2022.

Unloading containers in Bolivia that recently arrived from Minnesota – Janaury 2024
Mano a Mano volunteer dentist Carmen distributing toothbrushes to kids during a weekend health clinic.
Mano a Mano typically provides weekend health clinics multiple times a month – like this recent weekend health clinic in San Pablo de Moxos on February 9th, 2024. Most weekend health clinics include volunteer dentists to provide dental treatment and hygiene education; 3 dentists provided dental care to 32 people as part of the San Pablo de Moxos visit.

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