The Ingram Scholars Program at Vanderbilt University is celebrating 30 years. Grace Jones was an Ingram Scholar with Mano a Mano in Bolivia from June-August 2023, and was featured in the Vanderbilt article:

“Having the opportunity to work with Mano a Mano International was so transformational. The staff and volunteers welcomed me with open arms, and getting to know these incredibly devoted and hard-working individuals has had such a profound effect on my priorities since returning to campus. I returned with such profound gratitude and deep friendships that I know will continue for years to come. Throughout the Ingram Scholars Program, we devote a considerable amount of time to considering what effective and meaningful service looks like, and having the opportunity to see this theory put into action through Mano a Mano and contribute toward this mission was so inspiring. Whether in how Mano a Mano’s team roots every project directly in the voice of the community, or how they seek to expand capacity through projects built for long-term sustainability, I am so honored to have had the opportunity to get to work alongside Mano a Mano’s supportive team and contribute toward their mission-driven work. I long for the day when I can return.”

Check Out Some of Grace’s Work (and Fellow Volunteer Lasse) with Mano a Mano in June-August 2023

Mano a Mano Volunteer Grace Shares Her Experience in Bolivia from June-August 2023