Mano a Mano has excess durable medical equipment that we are making available for individuals in the Twin Cities, for free, on Saturday, May 8th from 9am-11am. Please send specific requests to [email protected]; we will confirm whether we can fulfill your specific request. Recipients (client or provider picking up the equipment) must sign a liability waiver upon receipt. This project is a collaboration with Twin Cities-area physical therapists to help distribute mobility equipment to some of their clients that have difficulty acquiring needed items.

  • WHEN: Saturday, May 8th from 9am-11am
  • WHERE: Mano a Mano International, 925 Pierce Butler Route, St. Paul, MN 55104 (outside in the parking lot, in COVID-safe conditions)
  • Equipment Readily Available: walkers, rollators, crutches, canes, raised toilet seats, commodes, shower chairs, tub benches, bed rails, glucometers
  • Specialized Equipment in Limited Supply: wheelchairs, beds, cushions, lifts

Donating Supplies on April 24th

May 8th will be our second durable medical equipment giveaway of 2021. Our first DME giveaway was on April 24th. 15 people came and got equipment. Mano a Mano donated: 6 reachers, 3 leg lifters, 6 canes, 1 pair of crutches, 5 walkers w/o seats, 8 walkers w/ seats, 1 hemi walker, 3 wheelchairs, 4 transfer chairs, 4 cushions, 3 easy stands, 1 hospital bed, 2 bed rails, 8 shower benches, 3 commodes, 23 glucometers, 5 blood pressure monitors, 1 box of catheters, 1 lackey hi/low chair, 1 XS hi/low R82 pediatric chair, and a leckey squiggles stander.

Share This Information

Please feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues, your community, and on your social media platforms. Let’s help our clients get the equipment they need to function safely in the community! We are allowing both providers and clients to pick up the equipment at this time.

Mano a Mano is planning to host recurring events through July 2021, to better understand the volume of need in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. If you are interested in volunteering with Mano a Mano as part of this outreach, please contact us (Carmen can help direct you)!

Reducing Waste in Minnesota, Improving Lives in Bolivia and Beyond

The vast majority of the donated supplies and equipment we receive at our Minnesota warehouse (90%+) is shipped to Bolivia; we sent 7 containers with 175,777 pounds of supplies and equipment from Minnesota to Bolivia in 2020.

Mano a Mano transporting medical supplies and equipment on our plane to the Municipality of Baures in the department of Beni, April 23rd, 2021.

But we are happy to partner with other organizations when we have excess supplies, items that we cannot send to Bolivia, or items that are not the highest priority for our programs. Ultimately, we want to keep these supplies out of the landfill in Minnesota, and get them to people in need. In 2020, we helped provide supplies locally in the Twin Cities and to organizations working in other countries, including Honduras, El Salvador, and Cameroon. Thanks to the many people in Minnesota and Bolivia that work so hard to make these shipments possible!

Learn More About Mano a Mano’s Recovered Resources Program

Staff from the Hospital San Juan de Dios, a 3rd level hospital in Oruro, traveled to our Cochabamba warehouse to pick up supplies in late March. This donation was a collaboration with the Rotary Club Oruro.

#SpringForwardMN Campaign May 1-11

May 1-11 is #SpringForwardMN – a campaign to “give generously to help nonprofits and schools across Minnesota spring forward into what comes next for them.” There are bonus grants throughout this time period giving you the possibility to increase your impact for the organizations you support. Distributions of supplies, like our event this upcoming Saturday, is only possible with your help.

You can visit Mano a Mano’s page here; we are listed under the “Pandemic helpers” section.