Mano a Mano staff visited our Wirkini Water Reservoir project in late May 2022, which was full of water. Local residents were also fishing from the reservoir.

This project – 14,000 feet above sea level – was started in 2012 and completed in 2016; it provides irrigation water to at least 341 Bolivian farm families in the area and irrigates 269 hectares of land (average family size is 6, for a total number of beneficiaries of 2,046). Water is typically only available in the Bolivian Highlands for the 2-3 month rainy season, and the rest of the year is a struggle for farmers to have water access for their crops and livestock. These Mano a Mano water reservoir projects retain water and provide water access year-round, which allows for farmers to grow more and better crops, which in turn increases family nutrition and household incomes.

Wirkini Community Talks About Their New Water Reservoir (2017)

Pictures from the Construction and Dedication of the Wirkini Water Reservoir

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