Mano a Mano is making our first 2022 shipment of medical supplies and equipment from Minnesota to Bolivia! Over the past week, we loaded 3 40-foot containers with 79,698 pounds, which will now start their journey to Bolivia to be distributed to people and organizations in need. Shipping costs continue to be much higher since before the start of the pandemic, but the items we are sending are always in very high demand. Thanks to everyone that makes these shipments possible!

Loading 3 Containers With 79,698 Pounds of Supplies – March 2022

Mobility Equipment Needed!

Our current shipment of 3 containers to Bolivia includes more than 1,500 pieces of mobility equipment – wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, etc. These items are in high demand in Bolivia, but we are now struggling to collect as many of these items as we need in Minnesota. If you have any of the items listed above (or have any potential sources), let us know! We hope to be well-stocked with enough mobility equipment to include in our next shipment that will take place a few months from now.

One of our distributions last year – providing medical supplies and mobility equipment for 2 health centers in La Paz, Bolivia on November 26th, 2021 – for the health centers “San Juan” and “La Florida” in the municipality of Viacha, Ingavi province, department of La Paz. Representatives from the health centers traveled to Mano a Mano’s warehouse in Cochabamba from La Paz, despite poor weather and a 7+ hour drive, to be present for the distribution. All of these supplies were sent from Minnesota, and most would have ended up in local landfills.

All 3 Containers Have Been Picked Up And Are On Their Way To Bolivia!

The third and final container was picked up on March 30th, 2022; they are now all en route to Bolivia!

Distributing Supplies Throughout Bolivia

Mano a Mano’s recovered resources program collects donated medical supplies, mobility equipment, and other items in Minnesota for shipment to Bolivia, where they are distributed to people and organizations in need throughout the country. We shipped 7 containers with 180,180 pounds of medical supplies and equipment from Minnesota to Bolivia in 2021. 276 organizations in Bolivia received supplies and equipment from Mano a Mano last year.

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