Pena Colorada School is Now Complete

With funds raised through the Nino a Nino Project, Mano a Mano recently completed a large school project in Pena Colorada, Bolivia! The new Pena Colorada school is a 2-story building with 10 fully-furnished classrooms, community bathrooms (with 2 showers and 6 bathrooms), and 2 laundry stations. It was dedicated on December 22, 2014. This school was Mano a Mano’s 51st education project in Bolivia (it was dedicated on the same day as Mano a Mano’s 52nd education project – a 10-classroom school in Esmeralda, a community located in the same municipality of Omereque).

The dedication was a big event for the community. Local leaders told Mano a Mano that ‘this is how we should be working’ – construction took four months from start to finish (construction began on August 8th, 2014), the classrooms were fully furnished (as with all Mano a Mano projects), and the total cost of the project was much less than it would have been with a commercial contractor while still being high-quality.

Dedication brochure for Pena Colorada school.

Dedication brochure for Pena Colorada school.

Pena Colorada

Pena Colorada is a community of about 500 people in the municipality of Omereque, department of Cochabamba, Bolivia – about a 4.5-hour drive from the city of Cochabamba.

The new school will be a much more comfortable learning environment for the 200 students in Pena Colorada and the surrounding areas, and a more comfortable working environment for the teachers.

Mano a Mano Projects in Omereque

The school joins the health clinic that Mano a Mano built in Esmeralda in 2013, the new school in Esmeralda dedicated on the same day as Pena Colorada, and the many other projects that we have built in the Municipality of Omereque.

Working Together to Make These Projects Possible

Every project that Mano a Mano does, including this school in Pena Colorada, depends on many people working together (read more about our partnership model here). The Pena Colorada School project was a collaboration with:

  • Gobierno Autonomo Departamental de Cochabamba
  • Gobierno Autonomo Municipal de Omereque
  • our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Bolivia
  • Funding from the Nino a Nino Project
  • the communities of Pena Colorada

Pena Colorada School Construction Photos

Pena Colorada took 4 months from start to finish.

Pena Colorada took 4 months from start to finish.


Thanks to everyone that was involved in making this project possible!