Niño a Niño School Project

Niño a Niño School Project

Niño a Niño (child to child) was a volunteer fundraising project started by the Temali family (Mike, Laura, Joey, and Claire) in St. Paul, Minnesota, with the goal to raise money to build a school in Bolivia with Mano a Mano. Other schools and volunteers became involved in the project.

This project is not active currently, but we leave this page up as an example of a model that has worked in the past.

Niño a Niño Information Packet

Are you interested in having your students or school participating in the Niño a Niño project? Below is more information about the project. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Additional Information

Below are a few links from our website with more information and previous activities about Niño a Niño, along with videos about Niño a Niño and Mano a Mano’s school projects in Bolivia.

Making a Difference in Rural Bolivia

St. Paul Student Talks About His Trip To Bolivia

Education is the Future for Rural Bolivians