Mano a Mano is making progress on a deep water well in Waca Playa, Bolivia – recently reaching a depth of 102 meters (334 feet). We are currently cleaning out the drilled section in preparation to install piping, which will then be connected to the water distribution network for the city of Punata.

Waca Playa Deep Well Construction Photos

Drilling a Deep Water Well in Rural Bolivia: Step by Step Photos

Transporting our well drilling equipment from Mano a Mano’s Cochabamba warehouse to the well drilling site

Positioning drill at site

Building channel to guide slurry to holding pond

Water and slurry holding ponds

Drill in place at Chirusi Rosario site

Mixing bentonite

Channeling slurry into pond

Grooved PVC pipe ready for installation

Preparing gravel

Machine operators and local residents watch intently as water begins to flow

Flushing the well; this process can take several days

Completed well in Pucara

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