Yesterday, Mano a Mano hosted a large distribution of medical supplies, mobility equipment, and other items for dozens of organizations throughout Bolivia at our Cochabamba warehouse. All of these supplies are shipped from Minnesota, where they were destined for US landfills; instead they get put to good use for Bolivian people and organizations that can put these supplies to good use.

Large Distribution of Medical Supplies and Equipment at Mano a Mano’s Cochabamba Warehouse – May 8th, 2024

Yesterday’s distribution is taking place during a visit by Mano a Mano volunteers and Board members from the US.

From Start to Finish: Mano a Mano Recovered Resources Program in Photos

Supplies are picked up, sorted, and packed by hundreds of volunteers at Mano a Mano’s warehouse in St. Paul, Minnesota
A few times a year, we ship 2-4 containers with 50,000-100,000 pounds of supplies from Minnesota. Three containers are currently on their way from Minnesota to Bolivia right now.
3 containers filled with supplies at our St. Paul warehouse, ready to start their journey to Bolivia – April 2024.
3 containers filled with supplies at our St. Paul warehouse, ready to start their journey to Bolivia – April 2024.
Containers sent from Minnesota in December 2023 arriving at our Cochabamba warehouse in March 2024.
Mano a Mano staff, volunteers, and interns unloading containers sent from Minnesota in December 2023 at our Cochabamba warehouse in March/April 2024
Volunteers at our Cochabamba warehouse sorting supplies sent from Minnesota into more specific categories in preparation for distribution throughout Bolivia.
Physical therapy workshop in February providing theory and practical sessions for Bolivian physical therapy professionals and students on how to maximize use of mobility equipment (all of these items have been sent from Minnesota).
Donating crutches as part of the dedication ceremony for Mano a Mano’s new health clinic in Catariri – April 2024
Distributing Burn Care Supplies from Minnesota to Hospitals in Cochabamba – April 2024
Because wheelchairs must be reassembled, repaired as needed, and thoroughly cleaned before being distributed, Mano a Mano staff have a small wheelchair repair space set up in their Cochabamba warehouse.  
These 3 containers were sent from Minnesota – and converted into a mobile office for Mano a Mano as we work for months at a time in remote locations on community projects in Bolivia.
This trailer and this boat were sent from Minnesota. (You can see multiple containers in the background, all sent from Minnesota, that are used for extra storage at Mano a Mano’s El Abra, Cochabamba site.)
Supplies and equipment transported by Mano a Mano plane to donate to the local clinic after our Weekend Health Clinic in San Francisco de Moxos on May 3-4, 2024. In 2023, our aviation program transported 647,170 pounds of cargo, mostly medical supplies and equipment. (The Mano a Mano plane also was originally purchased in Minnesota and our pilots traveled up to Minnesota to fly it down to Bolivia 5 years ago.)
Mano a Mano Bolivia volunteer Jacqueline helping organize medical supplies sent from Minnesota for distribution to Mano a Mano’s network of 186 health clinics throughout Bolivia and other organizations that we partner with – May 2024
Most of the instruments and supplies our volunteers use for weekend health clinics in rural Bolivia are sent from Minnesota.
Donating school supplies for 10 school districts in tropical regions of Bolivia – February 2024
Map of distributions, by location and type, in 2023.

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