Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo personnel recently made a follow-up visit to Flores Rancho in late April, a community in which Mano a Mano completed drilling a well last December.

Constructing the Flores Rancho deep water well in late 2023

Four proud leaders met our staff to talk about the success of this project and how they are expanding it on their own (with no additional funding from Mano a Mano).

Four Flores Rancho leaders standing in front of their water well’s protective fence

Water is pumped from the well through underground piping that leads to the mountainside water retention structure. Flores Rancho residents themselves constructed this holding tank (pictured below).

Mountainside water retention structure in Flores Rancho

From there, the water is gravity-fed through piping that leads to the village’s central faucet. Residents access the water at this faucet’s central location. The well’s water flow continues at a consistent rate of 2 gallons per second, the strongest flow achieved so far with wells drilled by Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo. 

The next step will be undertaken by the community residents with assistance from their municipal government. Within several months they will have laid piping within the village of Flores Rancho that will carry water to their 100 households.

These leaders, the elected representatives of Flores Rancho’s 100 families, express confidence that their children and grandchildren can continue to live on their land because they have a viable water source. “We promise to respect Pacha Mama, to care for the water. Blessings to everyone who made this possible for us.”

Constructing the Deep Water Well in Flores Rancho

Flores Rancho is in the municipality of Arbieto, about 30 minutes southeast of the city of Cochabamba, and has a population of 100 families (600 people total) that benefit from this well. Flores Rancho is right alongside Mamanaca, and Flores Rancho residents watched with excitement as the Mano a Mano well project was dedicated there in March 2023.

Flores Rancho is in the municipality of Arbieto, department of Cochabamba, just outside the city of Cochabamba.

Pictures From Flores Rancho Constuction: October-December 2023

Water Projects are in High Demand

There are currently 11 communities on our waiting list for water wells (we have 10+ communities on our waiting list for every type of infrastructure project we do), with an additional 5 communities already with signed agreements with Mano a Mano and base funding in place. As we receive more funding, we can make agreements with additional communities for future well projects that are an extremely high priority in Bolivia.

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