Our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Internacional was in Tarija yesterday (October 26th, 2021) to distribute medical supplies and mobility equipment for 7 health centers in Tarija as well as San Antonio – a 2nd level hospital. Thanks to El Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de Tarija and the Secretaría de Desarrollo Humano y Gestión Social Municipal for partnering with Mano a Mano to make this donation possible. Supplies included instruments, hospital linens, catheters, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and other items.

Mano a Mano distributing suppiles in Tarija – October 26th, 2021. Photo Credit: El Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de Tarija

Video of the Distribution – October 26th, 2021

Nos sentimos muy felices y conmovidos de lograr acercarnos, nosotros queremos ser un puente y una mano amiga que está dispuesta a darle la mano a cualquier mano del mundo. Tengamos una actitud solidaria, como municipio ayudemos con nuestra buena voluntad para darle la mano también a otros municipios más pequeños del departamento que necesitan una ayuda.


“We feel very happy and moved to work together, we want to be a bridge and a helping hand that is willing to reach out to any hand in the world. Let us have an attitude of solidarity, as a municipality let us help with our good will to also reach out to other smaller municipalities in the department that need help.”

Supplies from Mano a Mano, ready for distribution in Tarija – October 26th, 2021.

Getting Supplies Ready for the Distribution at Mano a Mano’s Warehouse in Cochabamba – October 25th, 2021

From Minnesota to Bolivia

All of the supplies distributed this week in Tarija started as donations at our warehouse in St. Paul, Minnesota many months ago. We just shipped another 2 containers that are now on their way to Bolivia (pictured below); this year we have sent 7 40-foot containers with over 180,000 pounds of supplies from Minnesota to Bolivia.

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