Our 25th deep water well is underway in the community of Chaupisuyu, Bolivia. Chaupisuyu, population of about 600 people, lies in the moderately high Andes at an altitude of approximately 8,000 feet above sea level. Essentially all of its residents are Quechua-speaking subsistence farmers, and have waited for nearly two years for their well to be next in line on our long waiting list of requests.  

All Mano a Mano projects begin with a partnership agreement that define contributions and assignments. Once Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo engineers and Chaupisuyu farmers agreed on the well site, farmers began to measure and clear it of brush and debris.

The drilling process has begun in earnest, which should take about a month to complete. Nuevo Mundo staff prepared the residents of this community to expect drilling to start during the summer. However, as any of them would have told us, that will happen only when “Dios quiere” – when God wants it to happen. We’re grateful that, after a four-month delay to overhaul the engine, we’re back on track.

As of January 5th, the drill has reached a depth of 80 feet. Farmers, confident that their well will yield “sweet” water, prepared for their traditional “koa” ceremony, the burning of incense as both an expression of gratitude and a plea for bountiful, fresh water.

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