Our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo is completing work on a full septic system for the Chirusi Rosario school. Mano a Mano completed the Chirusi Rosario school in March 2022. This septic system will be finished within a month or so.

Building a Septic System for the Chirusi Rosario School

Chirusi Rosario School

Mano a Mano’s new 2-story school in Chirusi Rosario was dedicated in 2022.

Mano a Mano’s school project in Chirusi Rosario was formally dedicated with the community on Friday, March 25th, 2022. The school is two floors and six classrooms, and will provide a more comfortable environment for local students to learn and for teachers to teach. This was our 67th school project built in Bolivia since 2003.

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Watch a video on Youtube visiting the Chirusi Rosario school in June 2022