The 3 containers we loaded with over 75,000 pounds of donated medical supplies & equipment left our St. Paul warehouse on April 9th; they arrived at our Cochabamba warehouse yesterday! Once they are unloaded and organized by Mano a Mano staff and volunteers, they will be distributed to people and organizations in need throughout Bolivia. Thank you to everyone that works so hard to makes these distributions possible!

Containers Arriving in Bolivia

The 3 containers leaving Bolivian Customs in La Paz earlier this week, on their way to our warehouse in Cochabamba.

Loading Containers in Minnesota – March/April 2021

Volunteers loading containers at our St. Paul warehouse with medical supplies and equipment – March/April 2021.

All 3 containers filled and ready to start on their way to Bolivia – March/April 2021.

2 of the 3 containers loaded in March/April 2021 at our St. Paul warehouse starting their journey to Bolivia.

Distributing Supplies Throughout Bolivia

All of the supplies arriving at our Cochabamba warehouse this week will be distributed to people & organizations in need throughout Bolivia. The video below is one recent example of a larger distribution made by Mano a Mano: on August 17th, 2021 Mano a Mano distributed more than 7 tons of medical supplies and equipment for 22 health centers in Puerto Villarroel, located in the province of Carrasco in the department of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

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