40,000+ Pounds of Recovered Resources Arriving in Cochabamba

This week, Mano a Mano staff & volunteers unloaded over 40,000 pounds of recovered resources at our warehouse in Cochabamba, Bolivia. These supplies started their journey in St. Paul, Minnesota in December 2018, with volunteers filling 2 40-foot containers with supplies that had been donated to Mano a Mano’s office/warehouse in the Twin Cities.

Supplies Are Distributed to People in Need Throughout Bolivia

Once these supplies are sorted and organized, they will be distributed to people and organizations in need throughout Bolivia. In 2018, Mano a Mano shipped 166,607 pounds of donated supplies. 

The supplies arriving this week were the final shipment of 2018; there are also 2 containers en route to Bolivia that were sent from Minnesota in May 2019.

Thanks Volunteers!

This process requires many people in Minnesota and Cochabamba that give their time & energy to get these supplies into the hands of people in need. We had 47 volunteers helping unload the containers in Bolivia this week: there were 7 agroecology students from a school in Chapare, 5 volunteers from France, and 25 volunteers from a local firefighting program in Cochabamba, in addition to our staff.

Thanks to everyone that has helped with this process!