2020 has brought many challenges; our aviation program has not been able to fly many weekend health clinics this year due to the varying COVID-19 restrictions, communities worrying about having outsiders visiting, and the cautiousness of the volunteer medical professionals that provide care. Mano a Mano has started to re-initiate our weekend health clinics, with recent visits to the Mocovi Jail in Trinidad and the community of Tentayapi.

Mocovi Jail

Mocovi Jail, Trinidad, Bolivia

Doctora Carmen, a volunteer dentist that is regularly involved in dental jornadas (weekend health clinics), sent us a brief report and pictures for the recent weekend health clinic carried out in coordination with our aviation program. The jornada took place in the Mocovi Jail in Trinidad, Bolivia; 175 people received medical care and 85 received dental care. Free haircuts were also provided.

Mano a Mano weekend health clinics often include free haircuts as well as dental and medical care.


Tentayapi, Bolivia

Volunteer medical professional also recently traveled to Tentayapi to provide medical care for local residents there and from 2 neighboring communities. Along with transporting the volunteers, Mano a Mano also brought along some medical supplies and equipment to donate in Tentayapi.

Weekend Health Clinics

Our aviation program makes it possible for Mano a Mano to partner with and provide urgently needed services to isolated rural communities whose distance from the city would otherwise prohibit their inclusion in Mano a Mano’s projects. Our flights fit Into 4 basic categories:

  1. To safely transport Mano a Mano staff and volunteers to remote communities in order to: determine whether a community’s request to partner with Mano a Mano will be accepted; meet with community leaders and local government officials to develop partnership agreements and project plans; select building sites; supervise construction; deliver medical suppliesprovide health care, health education and supervision;
  2. To airlift critically ill and injured patients to city hospitals for emergency care;
  3. To make flight hours available to other non-profit organizations whose missions are consistent with that of Mano a Mano;
  4. To generate revenue by making flight hours available at a commercial rate to businesses and the general public (revenue-generating flights subsidize emergency flights and weekend health clinics, which are provided free of charge to people in need).

Mano a Mano pilot Ivo Daniel Martinez on a flight transporting medical supplies and equipment.

Pilot of Hope Trailer

A documentary made about Mano a Mano’s aviation program in Bolivia and our pilot Ivo Daniel Martinez is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo On Demand. For Amazon Prime Video: log on to your Amazon Prime Video account (you must have a Prime subscription to watch); search for “On the Wing”; go to Season 2, Episode 1 – “Pilot of Hope.” If you do not have an Amazon Prime account, you can rent ($1) or buy ($2) the episode on Vimeo On Demand here (the Mano a Mano episode is #7 – Bolivia – The pilot of hope). We hope you’ll check it out!

Video trailer credit: Devised TV