Irrigation water is flowing in Jusku Molle, Bolivia where Mano a Mano completed a new water project in 2012.

Aerial view of Jusku Molle resrvoir.

Aerial view of Jusku Molle resrvoir.

With this reservoir, farmers in the Jusku Molle area have water during the dry months, to irrigate fields as they prepare for planting. With water, farmers are more assured that seeds will sprout. Without the reservoir, there would be no water in the area for irrigating.

Water Flowing for Bolivian Farmers During Dry Season

Jusku Molle is a community about five minutes down the road from our water project in Laguna Sulti, in the department of Cochabamba a short drive from the city. This reservoir provides 350 Bolivian families with sufficient water to irrigate their crops. The reservoir can hold 50,000 cubic meters of water and will irrigate about 741 acres of land (the reservoir is roughly the size of three football fields).

Jusku Molle Photos

Mano a Mano Water Projects

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