Our counterpart Mano a Mano Aviation is transporting 8 volunteers from SAR-Bolivia Filial Cochabamba this morning on Mano a Mano’s Cessna Caravan to the municipality of Baures, department of Beni to help in the search for Jhonatan Acosta, who went missing on January 25th.

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About Jhonatan

On January 25, Jhonatan Acosta and two friends decided to spend the day together hunting for animals which might be roaming throughout the nearby Amazon rain forest. They hoped for deer, or perhaps a wild pig. Experienced hunters, they followed the usual practice of entering the forest together, then separating in order to move as quietly as possible through the thick trees and brush. They agreed on the time and place at which to meet and then return home.

When Jhonatan didn’t appear, his friends searched the area in vain, then returned home, assembled a search party and returned to the forest. But they failed to locate Jhonatan.

Jhonatan’s brother had studied as a technician with Mano a Mano’s aviation program. When we became aware of this distressing situation, our pilot helped coordinate a response with SAR-Bolivia Filial Cochabamba. After flying 8 SAR volunteers to the Baures search location, he flew back to Cochabamba to respond to other flight requests. He will return to Baures to retrieve the SAR volunteers when they are ready to return to Cochabamba. We wait for word and the hoped-for success of this rescue mission.

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