Mano a Mano provides air transport for people in need of emergency care; medical professionals to provide healthcare in rural communities during weekend health clinics; Mano a Mano staff, volunteers, and equipment as we partner with Bolivian communities on development projects; and the distribution of medical supplies and equipment.

Below is more information about a few of Mano a Mano’s flights in May 2021. Many of these flights were for transporting COVID patients. COVID continues to heavily impact Bolivia – COVID-19 infections in Bolivia are currently at their peak and rising, with 2,798 new infections reported each day. There have been new quarantines in recent weeks, vaccinations are slowly becoming available but are not being widely distributed as of yet, and the healthcare system is heavily strained trying to meet the needs. We are doing our best to help where we are able, but these are challenging times.

Flight Hours in May 2021

Our aviation program flew 58.8 hours in May, which included 24 separate flights for our various types of flights (emergency transport, weekend health clinics, cargo transport, and transporting Mano a Mano staff to work). Most of these flights are 1-3 hours round-trip; by other means of transport it could take days to get to emergency care.

Rurrenabaque – May 5, 2021: COVID Patient

Mano a Mano picked up a patient in Rurrenabaque who was suspected of having COVID. They were transported to Hospital Viedma in Cochabamba, but sadly they passed away.

Riberalta – May 20, 2021: Aneurysm

A 65-year old woman in Riberalta was suffering from an aneurysm that was causing headaches, dizziness, and fainting. Mano a Mano transported her from Riberalta to the Hospital del Sur in Cochabamba where she received the exams and treatment she needed.

Sucre – May 22, 2021: COVID Patient

A 53-year old patient in Sucre tested positive for COVID and was in bad shape; their lung function was down to only 40%. Mano a Mano transported them to Santa Cruz for intensive care, where they were recovering.

Arriving in Sucre to pick up the patient for transport to Santa Cruz, May 22, 2021.

Transporting the patient from Sucre to Santa Cruz (pictured here at Viru Viru airport) for intensive care.

Mapiri – May 24, 2021: COVID Patient

A 61-year old patient in Mapiri was showing symptoms of COVID. Mano a Mano transported them to the Hospital del Sur in Cochabamba for intensive care.

Arriving in Mapiri to transport the patient, May 24, 2021.

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