In March we were happy to be able to visit Bolivia with a group of travelers from the US – our first trip since 2019. (Our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Bolivia has also hosted two health education conferences over the past month, with guests from the US; it’s nice to be able to get back to traveling.)

During the March trip, we participated in a distribution of medical supplies and equipment sent from Minnesota for 84 Bolivian organizations; visited a Mano a Mano community greenhouse project in Sacabamba; attended a dedication ceremony for a new Mano a Mano deep water well in Mamanaca; went to Toro Toro National Park; visited Mano a Mano’s new school in Chirusi Rosario and the many other projects that are part of the Punata Regional Complex; spent time at Mano a Mano’s Center for Ecological Agriculture; and more.

Check out a few pictures from the trip in March:

Pictures from March 2023 Trip to Bolivia