Give to the Max – celebrating 15 years this year – is a statewide outpouring of support for thousands of nonprofits and schools across Minnesota! This Giving Holiday is scheduled for Thursday, November 16, but you don’t have to wait to support the causes that mean the most to you. Every donation you make to Mano a Mano today or tomorrow has a chance to be increased through daily Golden Tickets and prizes every 15 minutes on Give to the Max Day. Mano a Mano has been happy to participate in this annual event every year since its inception.

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Mano a Mano sent 9 containers with 220,704 pounds of supplies from Minnesota to Bolivia in 2022; we have sent 6 containers with 155,040 pounds of medical supplies, mobility equipment, and other in-demand items from Minnesota to Bolivia so far in 2023. Almost all of these supplies would have ended up in the landfill in Minnesota, and instead they are getting put to good use throughout Bolivia (we also provide supplies to other organizations and individuals in the Twin Cities area). Every shipment we make, and every project we do in partnership with Bolivian communities (learn more about what we are able to do together at our 2022 Annual Report), is made possible with your support.

Distributing Nearly 3 Tons of Medical Supplies and Equipment to Organizations from Oruro and Santa Cruz

On October 31st, 2023, our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Internacional hosted a distribution event at our Cochabamba warehouse to provide donated medical supplies and equipment to more than 2 dozen level one (primary care) Bolivian health centers and 1 nursing home from the departments of Oruro and Santa Cruz. Each of these organizations made the long trip – many hours each way – to receive these needed supplies that are in high demand.

Ben Martinez sharing a few words with recipient organizations of 2.9 tons of medical supplies and equipment on October 31st, 2023.

Recent Mano a Mano Emergency Flights in Bolivia

Our aviation program has provided emergency flights for more than 4,500 people in Bolivia over 15+ years. Check out a few recent emergency flights.

Vanderbilt University Ingram Scholars Program Celebrates 30 Years

The Ingram Scholars Program at Vanderbilt University is celebrating 30 years. Grace Jones was an Ingram Scholar with Mano a Mano in Bolivia from June-August 2023, and was featured in the Vanderbilt article: “Having the opportunity to work with Mano a Mano International was so transformational. The staff and volunteers welcomed me with open arms, and getting to know these incredibly devoted and hard-working individuals has had such a profound effect on my priorities since returning to campus. I returned with such profound gratitude and deep friendships that I know will continue for years to come. Throughout the Ingram Scholars Program, we devote a considerable amount of time to considering what effective and meaningful service looks like, and having the opportunity to see this theory put into action through Mano a Mano and contribute toward this mission was so inspiring. Whether in how Mano a Mano’s team roots every project directly in the voice of the community, or how they seek to expand capacity through projects built for long-term sustainability, I am so honored to have had the opportunity to get to work alongside Mano a Mano’s supportive team and contribute toward their mission-driven work. I long for the day when I can return.”

New Health Clinic in Catariri, Bolivia is 10% Complete

Mano a Mano’s new health clinic in Catariri is now more than 10% complete! Our counterpart Mano a Mano Bolivia began construction on October 13th and it is progressing well.

Localization: shifting aid decision-making to local communities

Thanks Extra Good, LLC for sharing about Mano a Mano’s community-based partnership model and localization focus of our work in Bolivia! “We get geeked out by innovative nonprofit best practices! Our friends at Mano a Mano International have been committed to localization for many years. Check out our resource post about their approach and how to keep the communities you serve in the driver’s seat when developing and implementing aid projects.”

It’s been almost a decade since Mano a Mano wrote a book!

Gaining Ground: A Blueprint for Community-Based International Development is available for purchase via Itasca Books (a division of Bookmobile). (And you can always pick up a copy if you ever visit our Saint Paul office.)

Every Mano a Mano project is a partnership. (You can buy Mano a Mano’s book “Gaining Ground” here.)

“Gaining Ground is the inspiring case study of how this volunteer-based grassroots organization is making history in Bolivia and offers an autobiographical look at the “how to” and “lessons learned” of their international development work.”