The third phase in the labor-intensive Chirusi Rosario well and water distribution project was completed last week. It included digging, then burying one mile of 3” inch piping in a 3 to 6-foot-deep channel. This piping will carry water from the elevated tank above the well to the community.

Pipe installation over Sulti

The 6-story water tank in Chirusi Rosario was dedicated in October.

Selecting the Site for the Water Well & Tower

Chirusi Rosario residents discuss the well location with Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo staff

One might wonder why the well was drilled a mile away from those who will drink its water. The reason: the Punata municipality in which Chirusi Rosario is located, completed a geological study before Chirusi Rosario leaders approached Mano a Mano with a deep well request. The study recommended the well site that was most likely to yield sufficient drinkable water for all households in the community.

Schedule for the Chirusi Rosario Water Project

Given the selected site, Mano a Mano developed a four-phase project plan over the course of this year:

  1. Drill the well
  2. Build a water tower and tank
  3. Dig the trench and lay piping to the community
  4. Lay piping in the village itself to two distribution sites for hook-up to individual residences. With phase three completed, this project will enter phase four in January.

Mano a Mano Water Projects