Mano a Mano is starting work on a new water well in Pampa Grande, Bolivia. Mano a Mano’s well-drilling machine and support equipment is now on site in Pampa Grande. This well will serve the rural community of Pampa Grande, in the municipality of Punata, and is populated by 250 subsistence farm families.

Pampa Grande, Bolivia

Getting Set Up For The Water Well

The large drill is being set up and leveled to prepare for drilling.

Mano a Mano equipment at the Pampa Grande well site

Mano a Mano’s well-drilling equipment leveling in place prior to drilling

A support machine (backhoe) is drilling two water holding ponds. One of the ponds will be used to mix bentonite, a product that will be pumped into the wellbore to hold the sides of the bore in place while the well is dug. We estimate we will find potable water at 100 meters.

Backhoe building a water holding pond

We have many machines in place to support the drilling of the well. A truck holds drilling rods. A trailer transports the huge slurry pump. A truck to transport water, bentonite, sand, and gravel is nearby.

Support equipment in Pampa Grande

Every Mano a Mano Project is a Partnership

Every Mano a Mano project is a partnership; this water well project is a collaboration between the community of Pampa Grande, our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo, Mano a Mano International Partners, and the many Rotary clubs that have provided funding for this project (the primary Rotary Clubs involved with this water well project are the Lake Minnetonka Excelsior Rotary Club and Rotary Club Cochabamba Norte, in addition to many additional collaborating clubs in the Twin Cities area).

Pampa Grande leaders at our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo’s office to sign the agreement for their water well.

Rotary Club Cochabamba Norte participating in a medical supply distribution at Mano a Mano’s warehouse in Cochabamba, Bolivia in March 2021. (Photo from their Facebook page.) They are participating in this Pampa Grande water well project too.

Start of Pampa Grande Water Well – Photos

Drilling Water Wells to Improve Access to Water for Bolivian Communities

We have been building water reservoirs to improve community’s access to water since 2006, and over the past few years we have also acquired the heavy machinery and equipment necessary to drill deep wells – another means to improve access to water for communities in need.


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