67,000 Pounds of Recovered Resources En Route to Bolivia from Minnesota

3 containers at our St. Paul warehouse, packed full and ready to go to Bolivia.

Yesterday, 3 containers filled with 67,865 pounds of recovered resources started their journey to Bolivia, where Mano a Mano distributes them to people and organizations in need throughout the country. Thanks to everyone that helped out over the past week!

What Are We Shipping?

Mano a Mano volunteers load one of the 3 containers at Mano a Mano, August 2019

Mano a Mano receives donations of medical supplies and equipment, school supplies, orthopedic items like wheelchairs and crutches, and many other items that are destined for landfills in Minnesota but could be put to good use in Bolivia. In this shipment, below is a small snapshot of what we are shipping:

  • 2,149 boxes of medical supplies
  • 128 wheelchairs
  • 1,000 pairs of crutches
  • 773 walkers

Loading 3 containers at Mano a Mano, August 2019.

Distributing Supplies in Bolivia

Once these supplies arrive at our warehouse in Cochabamba, Bolivia in a few months, they are unloaded by Mano a Mano staff and prepared for distribution.

Mano a Mano staff and volunteers organize the supplies shipped from Minnesota at our Cochabamba warehouse for distribution, June 2019.

Supplies are distributed in different ways to people & organizations throughout Bolivia.

166,607 Pounds Shipped in 2018

This is our second shipment of 2019; in 2018 we shipped 8 containers with 166,607 pounds of supplies and equipment.

Watch the video below to see a distribution in Bolivia:

Join Us on September 15th as We Celebrate 25 Years!

Now that we have cleared out a little warehouse space, we are ready to celebrate! We hope to see you at our 25th Anniversary Celebration at Mano a Mano on Sunday, September 15th.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased on Eventbrite.