5 Most Popular Posts of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we want to share what have been the most viewed posts of the year on our website (we did the same for 2018, which you can see here). 2019 has been a milestone year for us, as we celebrated 25 years in operation; thanks to everyone that is a part of Mano a Mano! You can check out our 2019 Annual Report here.

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1. Mano a Mano’s New Plane is Flying! (Posted March 2019)

Mano a Mano’s Caravan airplane began flying in Bolivia in March 2019. After purchasing it in Minnesota last summer and months of training and prep, it was flown from Fleming Field in the Twin Cities to Cochabamba, Bolivia last October. Over the next 5 months, we obtained registration and certification, customs payment, and the approval to purchase jet fuel for the airplane. All was completed and the airplane was able to start flying (5 months is actually an extremely fast turnaround).

Mano a Mano’s Caravan taking one of its first flights in March 2019.

2. A Look Back At What We Did in 2018 – Mano a Mano 2018 Annual Report (Posted May 2019)

2018 was a busy year for Mano a Mano’s 5 counterpart organizations and our many different programs. Click the headline above for our 2018 Annual Report.

3 new health clinics were completed in 2018.

3. Mano a Mano’s New Plane in Action (Posted June 2019)

See photos of the new plane in its first few months of flying after it was cleared to fly in March.

Mano a Mano’s plane flying into the Beni. Our aviation program provides emergency flights and transport for weekend health clinics, cargo, and staff.

4. Travel to Bolivia with Mano a Mano – March 2020 (Posted October 2019)

Mano a Mano invites you to join us on a unique journey to Bolivia to see projects that accomplished the original vision we formed in 1994, and so much more. There is a trip packet with more information at the bottom of the post.

Mano a Mano travelers visiting the Cristo statue in Cochabamba, March 2019.

5. 54 Photos From September 2019 Trip to Bolivia & 68 Photos from March 2019 Trip to Bolivia (Tied)

Paul Rogne traveled to Bolivia with Mano a Mano in March and September 2019. He documented the people he met, the rural and urban scenes he saw, and the amazing transformative work that Mano a Mano has been doing for nearly 25 years. Mano a Mano has worked to upgrade medical and educational services, improve the water supply, train farmers in more sustainable techniques, and care for seriously ill or injured patients by providing air transportation to hospitals and clinics. The 2 posts with photos from his 2 trips to Bolivia were tied as the 5th most viewed posts of the year.

Mano a Mano staff and Maldonado community residents take a boat out on the Maldonado water reservoir during its dedication in March 2019. Photo taken by Paul Rogne.