Weekly Roundup: Early December 2019 Activities

Check out a few of Mano a Mano’s activities over the past week. Click each header for more information.

Mano a Mano Open House & Bolivia Photo Display: Friday, December 13th from 5:30-8pm

You are welcome to join us this Friday, December 13th from 5:30-8pm for a Mano a Mano Open House and Bolivia photo display at Unity Church in St. Paul! Meet Mano a Mano co-founders, Segundo and Joan Velasquez; exhibit photographer, Paul Rogne; and members of Mano a Mano staff and Unity’s Mano a Mano ministry team. Enjoy light snacks, beverages, and a live performance of Bolivian music.

2019 in Photos

2019 was a milestone year for Mano a Mano as we celebrated our 25th anniversary in operation! None of our work would be possible without the support of many dedicated supporters in the US, Bolivia, and elsewhere; we thank you for helping us get here! Check out a few pictures of what we were able to do together in 2019 at the link above.

Dedicating community greenhouses in Sacabamba, Bolivia in March.

Distributing Orthopedic Supplies and Equipment in Cochabamba

On December 3rd, Mano a Mano held a small event at our warehouse to distribute a few orthopedic supplies and equipment to people with physical limitations from 8 municipalities in Cochabamba. In all we distributed 830 items.

Mano a Mano Videos on TPT

Mano a Mano has partnered with TPT to make a number of videos highlighting our volunteers in the Twin Cities that make our work possible. Check out 5 Mano a Mano videos on the TPT website at the link above (and watch for them on all TPT channels!), and we will be sharing stories over the coming months.

New Health Clinic in Tocopilla, Bolivia is Complete

Mano a Mano has been working on a new health clinic in Tocopilla, Bolivia. The clinic is now complete, and is our 170th clinic project.

4 New Clinics and Schools Built in Mid-2019

Over the past few months, Mano a Mano has dedicated 4 new clinic and school projects in Bolivia in collaboration with the communities and our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Bolivia. (We also have other projects currently underway, like the recently completed Tocopilla clinic.) The goal of these projects is to provide access to health care and education for isolated communities, in order to ultimately improve people’s quality of life.

Mano a Mano’s 63rd school project in Rayo Pampa, Bolivia.