This month Mano a Mano moved into a combined office/warehouse space in St. Paul, MN and out of our co-founders’ home which had been our office for the past 18 years. As part of the move, we have been busy clearing out our old rented warehouse space and consolidating everything at our new location.

This Saturday we are clearing out everything from our old warehouse and we need your help!

Help Clear Out our Old Warehouse

  • When: Saturday, January 26, starting at 8a until we finish (you are welcome to come for the whole time or however long works for you)
  • Where: 3045 Highway 13, Eagan, MN 55121 (near Door 30; go around to the warehouse doors behind the central office building)

Please note that this warehouse location is OUTSIDE; if you plan on coming be sure to wear warm clothes (i.e. suitable for working outside in Minnesota in January) that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty.

We have to be cleared out by the end of this month, so we need all the help we can get!

Mano a Mano Wish List

If you can’t make it on Saturday, there is another way you can help.

Below is a wish list for things that we are looking for in our new location; if you are interested in donating any of these items, or have other items you’d like to donate that aren’t on the list please contact Dana ([email protected] or 651-457-3141).

Lounge Area (Colors: beige, burgundy, navy, plum, hunter green, burnt orange, dark brown, turquoise, etc.)

  1. Large 10’ x 13’ area rug
  2. Long runner rugs
  3. Sofa Chairs
  4. Couch
  5. Pillows
  6. Coffee Tables
  7. End Tables
  8. Office Desks for Volunteers
  9. Office Chairs for Volunteers
  10. Computers and Printers for Volunteers
  11. Large indoor plants (look tropical)

Sorting Room

  1. 3 Plum-colored curtains (9’ x 8.5’) to hang from the walls (embroidered sheets, quilted patterns, wall hangings) with a common theme related to Bolivia (tropics, mountains, llamas, bright geometric shapes, etc.)

    Example pattern

  2. One large tool bench with open cabinets – storage space for box cutters/tape/markers
  3. Large tables for sorting medical supplies (waist height and long)
  4. Warehouse racking or shelving units of any kind
  5. Smaller-sized forklift

Craft Wall in Lounge

  1. Palm Thatch Panels
  2. Bamboo Poles
  3. Shelving


  1. Indoor Plants
  2. Whiteboards
  3. Garbage/Recycling cans
  4. Flat-screen TVs (for making presentations)
  5. Space heaters
Again, this isn’t an exhaustive list. If you have something that you are interested in donating please feel free to contact Dana ([email protected] or 651-457-3141). Thanks!