On Saturday Mano a Mano volunteers cleared out our old warehouse that had been our storage facility for almost a decade; we shipped more than 1.5 million pounds of surplus medical supplies to Bolivia out of this location! That’s around 100 40-ft containers filled with supplies and equipment that were distributed to our network of clinics and other organizations throughout Bolivia.

Our last shipment from our old warehouse in October 2012

Equipping a Mano a Mano clinic with a dental chair and other medical supplies shipped from the US

We are very excited for the move to our new location: our office and warehouse are now under one roof, the warehouse is heated, and we have our own loading docks (in our old space we had to move everything out of our warehouse space to the public loading docks about 100 yards away).

Thanks to everyone who was a part of our old warehouse – loading containers, sometimes in subzero or 100-degree temperatures; dropping off donated supplies; and spending your Saturday mornings packing and palletizing supplies to get them ready for shipment.

We’re proud of what we were able to accomplish there, and we look forward to what we will be able to do in our new space with your support!

Volunteers on Saturday standing in the cleared-out warehouse!