Thanks St. Paul Academy Volunteers!

Thank you St. Paul Academy and Summit School for volunteering with Mano a Mano this morning as part of your Service Day! We had 34 students & teachers helping to sort and pack surplus medical supplies; these supplies will be included in our next shipment to Bolivia to be distributed to people in need throughout the country.

SPA volunteers, March 4th, 2016.

SPA volunteers, March 4th, 2016. More pictures on Facebook.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering with Mano a Mano? Here is a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities in March and April 2016.

Why Sort Supplies?

Mano a Mano was founded 21 years ago with the goal of saving surplus medical supplies from the landfill in Minnesota and shipping them to Bolivia, where we knew these supplies were desperately needed and could be used immediately.

We have grown to now building infrastructure projects in partnership with rural Bolivian communities (more than 300 projects to date), but the surplus distribution program remains a critical component of our programs in Bolivia, while also reducing waste in Minnesota.

In 2014 we shipped more than 100,000 pounds of supplies from Minnesota to Bolivia, with the help of many volunteers! Our most recent shipment of 4 40-foot containers, loaded with 96,000+ pounds of surplus supplies, was loaded at our office in September, and more than 40,000 pounds of supplies were distributed at an event at the Mano a Mano hangar in mid-November 2015.

Organizations picking up donated supplies at the Mano a Mano hangar, November 23rd, 2015

Organizations picking up donated supplies at the Mano a Mano hangar, November 23rd, 2015. See more photos of the event on Facebook.