Thank you to Highland Park Middle School, part of Saint Paul Public Schools, and the classes of Sra. Hathaway-Castelan, Ms. Corrow, Mr. O’Brien/Sra. Falcon, Mr. Kim, and Sra. Rosales for raising $1,855.54 to contribute to our Ninos a Ninos program (that began with Highland Park student Joey Temali) to build a school in rural Bolivia!


Mano a Mano stopped by their classes last week with celebratory donuts and certificates for their hard work. We were very impressed with their efforts, and we look forward to working with more students and classes in the future!

Do You Want to Help the Ninos a Ninos Project?

We are hoping to involve as many people as possible in this project. Please contact our Office Manager Dana Dallavalle if you are interested in collecting school supplies (and helping us ship them to Bolivia), getting your school involved, or you are interested in contributing to the project.