A community leader in Chullpa K’asa, Bolivia said this after Mano a Mano completed a clinic in his community (read about the Chullpa K’asa clinic project here).

Dedicating the Chullpa K'asa in 2004; like all Mano a Mano clinics it continues to be in operation.

Providing sustainable infrastructure projects for basic services has a huge impact on improving daily lives for rural Bolivians, especially for expecting mothers and young children.

Saving Lives with Quality Health Care Infrastructure

In communities where we have constructed a health clinic, the risk of a child dying during birth is 94% lower. Since 2000, Mano a Mano clinics have delivered 14,065 babies. Over than number of births, statistically 1,125 babies and 70 mothers would be expected to die. In our clinics, 81 babies and 2 mothers have died; our clinics have saved the lives of 1,044 babies and 68 mothers! This improvement is made possible by our integrated approach to health and our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Watch the entire process from start to finish for building a clinic: